Looking for help on rejetting 99 KDX200

I have a 99 KDX200 with complete stock spec's. I just purchased Gold series Fatty and PowerCore 2 silencer. I talked to FMF and they recommended that I increase my jets by 1. Also, they said there was not need to do any mods to my air filter.

I ride at sea level, and conditions can be anywhere from 35 degrees F to 102 degrees F. With major humidity. (NE Louisiana).

I also want to get a separate set of jets for when I go ride in the Ouachita Mountains in Ark. I do not know what the elevation is there, but I know it is above sea level.

I am assuming stock jets: Main 160, Pilot 48. What would be the recommended jets for the new pipes? Do you recommend any air filter changes?


try giving Jeff a call, he's the man when it comes to KDX's.

Here was his recommendations:

Replace Needle to get rid of hesitation in the low RPM range. (Middle Pos) - 1173

Main Jet - 155

Pilot Jet - 45

Thank you

no problem, glad to help.

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