XR650L Gearshift Problem

Hello, I am having problems shifting my 08 XR650L when I ware my Tec-7 MX boots. The fat toe on the boots makes it hard to upshift. If I raise it one spline then it hits the Chain case cover. Is there a aftermarket replacement one I can buy or will I have to take it to a weilding shop and have them modify it? Thanks ab8dd

MSR makes one. It's nice and stout. Doesn't bend easily, and the splines seem to be orientated differently than the stock one.

1+ on the MSR shifter

I cut a slot in the sprocket cover so I could raise the shift lever to my liking.

"hammer head" shifters have different off sets check um out.

maybe a bit okee, but, that doesn't sound like anything a vise and channelocks couldn't solve.

XRs Only makes a billet aluminum case saver/sprocket cover that has a slot machined into so you can move the shifter up on the splines without it hitting anything. I've got one on my L and it works great, no interference with the shifter at all. There are pics of it in my garage if you want to see what it looks like. :lol:

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