1982 Honda CR480R "Help"

This is my first posting. My first bike, Cr480R monster is an excellent bike and powerful, but, the rear suspension seal blew on my last ride. I bought the manual , ordered all parts, inspected the shaft, etc. and rebuilt the suspension. After putting time into the suspension and inspecting properly the fluid began leaking. "Seems I missed something". Need some help on how to proceed? Low on finances, so, would it be in my best interest to purchase another suspension on say another year in the 500 model or tear it down again? Help me out gang!

Any help will be great.

Thx much in advance


i got lucky and bought one on ebay that was in great shape and worked fine after mine leaked for 55.00........to be honest, id send it to mx susp and have it rebuilt.......they do alot of vintage stuff and very reasonable. its not easy rebuilding the old stuff yourself because the stuff has to be mic'ed and checked for wear and parts replaced or made......its just not worth the time doing it yourself unless you have access to the right tools and parts to dx and rebuild them properly. ive totally restored the same 82 cr480r from junk to a finished bike (in my garage] but wouldnt tackle rebuilding the shock. its too important and needs to be working properly on a 52hp bike like that.

I appreciate the insite. Will inquiry again when questions arise as I do have many during this project. Learning quite abit with this beast. See ya

I appreciate the insite. Will inquiry again when questions arise as I do have many during this project. Learning quite abit with this beast. See ya

these Are nice bikes........83 is suppose to be better than the 82 and had some revisions .....it prob is but the 82 i had was a great bike and was a beast but fairly easy to ride............its also decent for trail riding compared to alot of open bikes of the time ..........take your time , do it right, and youll be proud of the old bike. its still a blast to ride. powerful ,quick, and will give you a rush.......handles pretty well too........the susp works decent for trails as is and is rather plush.............i was never sorry i went for this project .......enjoy the time you have building it and you will also enjoy the time riding it........the thing i was most impressed with is how many people that will stop you just to look and ask questions about the history.........and stand in awe about a good looking restored 480 riding with them.......even though there may be a dozen more modern 8000 dollar bikes right along side of you.......

it is always the attention getter around here...........so be prepared ....and dont be shy about telling other riders about it And what you had to do to make a great bike in 82 a good bike in 08........people want to know....and this bike is a part of history........one of the bikes that started the modern trend of evolution and anyone who truly loves the sport will want a piece of that. good luck.............................jls

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