Thinking of buying a used KLX300. Is it a good bike??

I got back into riding a couple of years ago,this is my fourth time. Every time I return to riding the technology gets better but more complicated. So in 06 I bought an 07 Suzuki DRZ250. Mythinking was that Im 48 and have severe lower back problems so I should stick with a nice tame bike. Then I found out these bikes are pretty lame instead. Anyway after about $1,800 worth of mods it wasnt such a bad bike. Then during a brief period of insanity I traded it for an 06 RMZ450:bonk: I quickly learned the true meaning of the word POWER!!! So now I need to return to something more sensible. KLX300?? KLX250?? WR250?? Anyone/ Anyone???

What type of riding are you going to be doing?

Ride on


I have a stock 98 300 and a modded DRZ 400. I really like them both, but the 300 feels SO much lighter and picks its way thru the tight trails much easier. I ride my drz more though because I like the power. Kind of depends what you're looking for I guess.

The Klx is good for its intended purpose. Its not a race bike, its not the slowest bike out there and for many its just right....


If you don't mind a little more maintenance a wr, crfx, or ktm 250fwould be perfect.

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