Base setting for Idle Screw and Fuel Screw

Hey guys I was wondering what the base setting is for the idle screw. My bike hasn't run in about 6-8 months, and I just got it back together for about the 3rd time. Trying to start, have good spark and the timing looks good. When I was frustrated 6 months ago and the bike wouldn't start I turned both the idle screw and fuel screw to see if that helped. :lol: Of course it didn't. Now I'm wondering what to set them at to give me the best chance of starting this beast. I think the fuel screw is set at 4 right now, which is close to where it was before, but the bike will have a real hard time starting if both screws are off right? Anyone know a "base" turn to start at for the idle screw? THanks a ton

let me know as well

I believe the fuel screw stock is a 2 1/2 turns out. That is where I would start. As for the idle screw, I don't think there is a stock setting. If you don't think it is opening enough, give it a little throttle. If you think it is getting to much fuel, turn it in.

Ok thanks Rand

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