WR 450 Arrival

The first WR450 has arrived here in Twin Falls, ID. Not sure who gets it as I am number 7. They are suppose to have all 22 by February. Sweet machine. One thing that does concern me in the small size of the holes to feed the filter. The battery takes up the space leaving two holes about 4 sqare inches each. Until I get one I don't know what modifications can be made.

Good deal!

They're expecting all 22 by February? Wow. I think they may be a little over-optimistic but that will be good news, if true. I'm waiting on the second round of WR deliveries as I'm 2nd on the list at my dealer.

My dealer also told me they are getting more than the Boise. Its the bike of choice down here. Of course all 22 are sold with 27 people on the list.

That's cool. Interesting you say that because I just sold my 02 WR426 to a guy from Feiler. Drove all the way up here for it.

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