thinking about an 01 125 sx...should i?

what do you guys think? is this a good bike? i havent ridden it yet. its a good deal its local to me. can anyone tell me what they think of it? thanks in advance

im 5 10 160/ my dad is 200lbs. it will be a piss around bike

anybody have any advice on this machine

being a 125 and its age it might be due for top and bottom end, make sure its a low hours bike or I would pass.

he said the top has been changed already once. he said it would be due for rings in 20 hours. bottom is original

it would have to be cheap, $1500 or so I think and look good as well with nothing other than worn tires and chain for me to buy it.

it is less then fifteen and i think i can get it down. the tires are good on it too..

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