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Everyone Want's One !!!!

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well my first season with my xr 650L is coming to it's end. I hope this message will help some guys that like me where a little choke up about the modest power of the ''L''.

before the L i was riding cr and rm 250's and super sport bikes, CBR 900 and ZX-R 900. so i have to say that even after all the mod's, exhaust, dave mod's, drill air cover and patati and patata... i was still looking for the Power.

but after 8000 km this summer with this amazing bike, i got to love it. ok it is not a monster machine with tons of hp and torque, but it will bring you on amazing trip for 100's of miles in a day from pavement to dirt, and you can feel that you can trust the mechanic. it simplicity make's it a winner in so many way, we often say these day's, '' hoo they don't make thing's the way they use to... well in the L case they do.

You can drive this thing from alaska to terra del fuego and find parts everywhere if needed, it will be still comfy after hours of riding and it will take a pretty bad ass road so you can't go on it.

so here you go, i now understand why so many people look at my bike with that spark in there eyes saying one day... i'll have one.

we can be proud and happy that we are part of a gang that keeps it real.

so long, thanks for all your help, talk to you all next summer, i'm off to central america for the winter. Fredo, Nelson B.C. :lol: :lol: :p

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