My "Nevada 1000" expierence

Im currently racing the whole "Best in the Desert" series and the "Nevada 1000" is the longest race of the series. I prepped my bike as best as I could with help from my father. The bike was set up perfectly. Thursday was a 332mi race from Vegas to Ely. It was a really long day to say the least. I was really pacing myself and letting the most of my class go by me knowing we all had to go for 3 days straight and I figured that I would gradualy pass most of them when they tired out or broke down. I had 70 minutes to work on the WR at the end of the day. We changed a 739at in the rear, changed oil and cleaned the air filter. The bike was ready to go.

At 5am impound opened and we were led on a police escort to the start of the second day near a prison. Friday was a 300mi day. The terrain began to ease up a little bit and the race became a really fast desert race. With a 15 counter sprocket I feel I still didn't have enough top end, I can remember pinning my bike for minutes. (my poor piston and rings). I finished the day I think in 5th or so. Again, we had 70 minutes to work on the bike.

The third day was very interesting. It was flat and extremely fast. At about 175 miles into the third day I was cruising along a fast silty jeep road when I noticed a YZ426f disabled on the side of the trail. I asked the guy if he needed any help and the guy "Ty Davis" asked "do you have a tow rope???" By the way, Ty had led the entire race up until this point. I told him that I didn't have a tow rope but I would be glad to give him a push (my foot on the back of his pipe.

He said "let's do it" I pushed him for about a mile but I got really tired. He told me to switch bikes with him. So.... there I was on Ty's 426 and he's pushing me on my WR!!!!!! I remember laughling the whole way to the pits... I steered the bike into the Yamaha pits and gave the bike to Russell Peason, they were soooo greatful for the help. I continued the race and after they replaced the stator in the bike Russell Pearson passed me with a huge thumbs up about 75 miles later.

I finally finished the race in 27 hours and Franco Acerbis ran up to me and gave me a big hug (because I wear all Acerbis gear). I took alot of picutres with him and Ivan "Ironman" Stewart at the finish.

I ended up with a 4th place!!! They gave me a great (cheap plastic) trophy. The winner (in the Ironman Expert class) was on a Bone stock CRF450!!! Then two XR650's and then me. I would've gotten sixth but both KTM's in my class broke down and never finished all three days. Fourty miles from the race my bike wouldn't go into fifth gear but I made it into town. (I'll have to look at that).

Thanks for asking how I did guys!!!! You guys were definatly an inspiration.

Quick notes after 1000 miles:

My Alpinestars Tech 8's were magic, perfect in every way!!

Guts racing seat foam made me comfortable through the whole race..

Fineline suspension did my forks, they were plush when I needed them and stiff when I needed them. Awsome....

My Hebo clutch is a pile!!! It went out at mile 150 on the second day. Im always working on it. Im done with it!!!!

The Bridgstone 601 on the front is bullet proof!! and Slime really works, no flats...

Im getting a tow rope and putting in my fanny pack just in case. :)

See ya!! :D

DANG!! That sounds like so much FUN!!!

I wish they had races like that here in the South East!!!

OH- BTW congratulations and thanks for sharing!!

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Way to go Dan! I cannot tell you how much I respect your efforts and abilities, not to mention your kindness and attitude toward your opponents. Class act all the way. Fineline kicks butt (their shop is only a mile from my house). Great story, thanks for sharing your experience. :):D:D

Its crunch time for me here at the grind. Not much TT time for me for the next few days. Back to work...

Congrats Dan!!!

I raced B to V in the middle 80's and I thought that was a long race!!! I got to the finish line, threw my bike on the ground and crawled away while saying something to the effect of "I don't EVER want to ride you again"!!!

You obviously have skill and determination well beyond us mortals. Good job!!


HOLY CATFISH! Thats one of the most incredible things ive ever heard. excellent.congrats, you da man, and all that. i cant even imagine it. 1000 miles.WOW!

Dan, that's a great story! I'm glad you were able to help out Mr. Davis. I would have never thought of pushing the bike. Necessity is definitely the mother of invention.

If you do want to start carrying a tow rope, I'd recommend the Moose "Buddy Tow" strap. I carry one with me whenever I ride. It folds up very small (about the size of a cell phone), is surprisingly strong, and it's got a loop sewn in to one end so attaching it to the tow vehicle is very easy. I've been towed and have towed others several times and it's never let me down.

For those who care, here's how I tow another bike: I've found that I can hook the loop around either one of the foot pegs and that is plenty strong enough to tow another bike. Just make sure you tell the towed bike rider to stay on whichever side of the bike you connected the strap to. (Otherwise it will get caught in your rear knobbie.) Then wrap the other end one time around the center of the towed bike's handlebars, leaving about a 2-ft length of strap as a 'pigtail'. Then the towed bike's rider holds the pigtail in his left hand while holding on to the grip. If, for any reason, he needs to disengage from the tow vehicle, all he has to do is let go of the pigtail end by loosening the his grip on the left handlebar grip and it will pull right out. This keeps him from being dragged behind the tow vehicle if he falls over. This method works extremely well and is safe for both tower and towee.

Congrats Dan. Good luck in the rest of the series.

I carry a 12ft(?) Buddy Tow in my fanny pack. The darn thing is a life saver. I carried it for 2 years before ever having to use it. And wouldn't you know the first time it was needed was for MY bike :) I lost the oil drain plug...... I've towed friends bikes with it a couple of times but nothing major. I've had to use it to help pull our bikes up a 20ft section of frozen mud that we just couldn't find the traction to ride up. One guy working the throttle & clutch while pushing, the other guy holding a tree in one hand and pulling on the tow strap attached to bars... Talk about fun.


Dan that was a great write up, you are the Ironman on this board.

Good idea on the tow strap and towing also.

Dan, thats an incredible story! Just being able to meet Ty would be a great thrill but to ride w/him! WOW!

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Awsome Dan, just Awsome. It blows me away that anyone could ironman a race like this. xyxthumbs.gif

I know he rides a two stroke, and it is green, but how amazing is it that the second place bike overall was ironmanned by Shane Esposito (Destry is out with torn knee ligaments).


TOO COOL!!! :)

Congrats Dan! Thanks for the update and product review. :D The KTM's didn't even finish!? :) Man, does Ty Davis have bad luck or what? Well, except for you showing up! Hehe. Good job, you are the MAN! :D

Atta boy, Danno! Keep up the good work.


Photos.....we want photos.....

PS Way to go!..... and extremely cool thing that you did for Ty.

Gread job Dan and a great story. Lets have more of this kind of information.

COOL BEANS!!! Once again Dan you entered into Hero status! Ya-Hooo!.. Giving Ty a boost... What a kick, and a VERY Class act on your part, not to mention the sportsmanship demonstrated by you. Words fail me...

Congrats and thanks for sharing..


Looks like taffy got his wish............GREAT job Dan!

You da'man :)



Congrats. Cool write up.

BTW I'd make sure that Zip-Ty racing get one of your resumes next year. I think you have a good shot at sponsorship from them. :)

Guys, Thanks for the kind words!!!

I do have alot of photos. My computer is in the shop until next week so I won't be able to post them until then. I have a DVD copy of me towing Ty into the pits (I think). I havn't been able to view it cause I don't have a DVD player here at work. Ronny, Maybe I can just mail you a copy of the photos and video and you could post it for me??? Since you are a professional desk pilot.

Also, before the race I had a chance to talk to Ty about the new 03's. He hasn't ridden the 450 yet but can't wait to. He's really excited about the E-start on the WR's. I asked him what he's going to do regarding the 4 speed (on the YZ) and he told me that the bottom end is alot smaller and he'll have a tough time fitting another gear in there. We'll just have to wait and see. He currently runs a wider ratio tranny in his YZ, but he says it's not as wide as the WR's stock transmission.

DL :)


I would be happy to post 'em. Send away to

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