My "Nevada 1000" expierence

Mike, Too Cool!!!!!!!

Congrats to you buddy!!!!!! Man we had some fun!! Yes I would be happy to send you all of my pictures of the race!!! I was just telling my friend about seeing you all over the race course, nothing like someone giving you thumbs up in the middle of nowhere. I hope all is well you and your wifes family.

When my PC gets back next week I'll post my photos.

See Ya, Dan

Hey Dan, once again congrats on your finish. This is Mike From Dallas #084. I finally made it back to Dallas yesterday at 9pm it was a long drive. When you get your pictures together send them on over if you don't mind, even if I am not in any of them I would like to see them. Also if you find any on the net send me a link, I will try to do the same. Thanks for you help and it was a pleasure meeting and riding with you.


For those who want to see the world famous Dan Lorenze in action, here is the first known photo of this rare species. This is a shy animal that is seldom seen outside of captivity, but be careful. He is known to roost like a mad dog when backed into a corner.


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