gp race at olympicmx/mavericks?

Is anyone racing this Sunday at the 'gp' race???:lol:

Role call?

I checked it out this past wkend and it looks like fun, especially if the course is watered for the event. Otherwise, it will be kinda like racing in a sand storm if there are more than 5 riders on the course at a time.:p

What class are you racing?

Was Sunday your first time here ? Sorry for not making it out to say hi. The MX section will be watered . Check out the race flier section for more info .

count me in / b class

Planning on it.

I'll be there serving up breakfast burrito's and burgers. thanks to kings chef diner


Just checking to see how the race went, i hope everybody had a goodtime

see ya

No answer i guess nobody did it. sad because that a good place to ride

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