Clutch lever play

I have no play in the clutch lever and can't seem to adjust it with the nut by the lever. How can I get this to loosen up a bit? Where else can it be adjusted? I haven't traced the cable back down to the engine, what do I need to look for? thanks

what bike?

Sorry, its a 97 KTM 250 EXC. Not hydraulic

I dont remeber what other adjustment there may be, but i do remember that the adjuster at the lever turns backwards to loosen it, CCW in instead of CW. Maybe you are turning it the wrong way??

I would disconect the cable and see if it has freeplay at the arm on the engine case, beleive its right above the CS sprocket? If it is;

Out of play there you need to replace clutch plates to get the clutch stack height back within tolarances.

Has play you need to deal with something related to lever & cable, possably a bent lever?

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