Melbourne Suspension Shop

I'm looking to have my KTM suspension resprung/revalved for my weight. Where is a good shop in the area to take my suspension to?

Don't know what's up your way, but WMR has a nice shop in Stuart.

The only shop I know in Melbourne that does MX/HS suspension work is Triple X. Give Sam a call at 726-9617.


If you don't mind the drive to Lakeland, Pro-Action is here.

Justin call Brevard Superbike in Melbourne. The are on US 1. Its the old Con cycles. 1600 Harhour city blvd. 951-2725

Had To Delete My Postgot My Bike Back From Wmr Today And So Far I Love It.they Are A Little Slow With Some Things But The Work Seems To Me To Be Top Notch.

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