stroker kit for 05 525 exc

i was wondering how the ktm hard parts stroker kit is working is it worth putting in my bike i live on the east coast some fire roads but still have tight woods riding with rocks and roots.will i have better luck with a jd jet kit and a pipe and which pipe is better or do i add all of the above i have two stroker cranks and the piston and cylinder kit now i had heard the kit is hard on the crank bearings if anyone has used this set up please let me know what you thought


KTM was getting those from an outside supplier and they have stopped, no longer available. I do have a customer that has a new one I possable could get, or another guy I work with takes the stock crank apart, welds up the holes and rebores them, its a bigger job than meets the eye and not cheap. By far the best bang for the buck and I have done many is a 540 with some head work and carb work.

JD kit is excellent, pipe is a waste of money

I have the 540 kit on my 05 525 and it screams. I ride it daily to work and in the desert. It woke the bike up soo much, that it felt like a different bike. Gobs of torque all over the place.

Dave Hopkins did mine - a 570 Kit. Awesome stuff - feels like a really light XR650. Worth consideration...

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