BigGuns installed on KLR250

Finally (after waiting several weeks on back order) received and installed a BigGuns full exhaust on my KLR250. I am not happy with the fit out of the box. The flange did not slip on the bolts without a little help from the dremmel, even then it didnt seal good then I broke one of the studs near the exhaust port trying to snug it up "Juuust a little more". And viola like a champ (read lots of sarcasim).

The stock pipe fits inside the BigGun pipe I think its 1 3/4 od. On the muffler only one of the bolts will fit on the stock subframe, even though there are two mounting tabs, and the muffler is a little long (maybe longer then stock)

I did take it for a test ride and even with exhuast leaking at the port a little, and stock jetting, WOW. The bike shoots past 10,000rpm fast and pulls the whole way, I cant stay off my tach preset high limits. Despite stock gears it even pulls "baby" no clutch wheelies. I am pretty happy with the performance and it will be great to see how the KLR compares to other bikes once I get the DynaJet installed.

Thanks for the write up! Good to know it works well. You may want to call Big Gun and tell them about fitment. Not that they'll do anything about it, but who knows?

I take it all back, the complaints that is. Because I broke the stud on the exhaust port I replaced both studs with bolts and the header bolted right in place and I was able to get the muffler mounted better also. I do wish the muffler was a little shorter, it sticks out past my license plate.

SO with the nasty exhaust leak gone and the DynoJet kit installed this bike is BADASS. It pulls nice power wheelies in first and little hick up wheelies in second. Top speed is 83mph (with Trail Tech Vapor calibrated off actual wheel size) but it gets there right now, and talk about over rev 11,600 rpm I guess I was a little slow on the up shift. It's a bit loud horsing around (throttle blips and bangin through gears) but in commuter mode it isnt too bad.

Because I broke the stud on the exhaust port I replaced both studs with bolts and the header

Don't do that! Bolts will loosen and damage the threads in the head. Put studs back in.

Thanks Chris, already stripped one out and had to re thread it. Now I just have to find new studs.

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