Has anyone used Engine Restore?

I've seen similar products 'n stuff... the oil with microscopic copper/brass/iron/steel stuff that fills scratches? does it actually work? I am skeptical it does much at all, but I'm curious... they are called "Engine remetallizers." says they are only sold on ebay and suff cuz they aren't sold in america...? i dont really trust it, but heres a link... read the comments and stuff...

"Quickly and cheaply repair any worn engine"

I hear it works great !!!!!

At clogging your oil filter :lol: If your engine is that bad, I doubt a can of that stuff will do much of anything.

yeah, i thought about the oil filter.... having a clogged oil filter could hurt your oil pump too...having less oil volume pass through it could make it get a lot hotter...

Snake Oil

It does work better than bananas though.

I'm thinking if your engine is worn enough to warrant thinking about a product like this it's time to bite the bullet and rebuild it properly. I don't usually believe the BS on products like this so I googled it to see what was out there. The following is pasted from an article on a website called ATV Connection Magazine. I have never seen this website before and I can't vouch for any of the info but it doesn't look like something you should put in a bike motor. Here's the link to the full article. http://www.atvconnection.com/Features/Product_Reviews/Restore-Engine-Restorer.cfm


Restore Engine Restorer is not to be used in wet-clutch motors where the engine oil lubes the clutch plates. Apparently the CDL’s lead content would seal the friction plates of the clutch and make them slippery, causing the clutch to slip. Can’t be having that! Also it can't be used in 2-cycle engines where the oil is mixed with the fuel and is burnt in the combustion process. All that bad lead being released into the air! So while Restore Engine Restorer can't be used in your ATV's, it would be perfect for your truck which hauls your machine out to "God's Country".

Restore Engine Restorer comes in 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder and 8 cylinder size cans, depending on what size your motor is. We have been purchasing the 6 cylinder size for about $7 a can at discount auto stores. We consider it cheap considering what it actually does, and from now on, all our high mileage vehicles get "Restored"!

This is the only "engine restore" that works.


This is the only "engine restore" that works.


yep... lol nice reply

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