Before You Vote...

Please listen and read the following. Then make up your mind on November 4:


Ya know, I know this is all of topic here, But I have to chime in with

a little rant

Sunday, I took my wife up to Tehhacippi hospital to get some stitches

for a nasty cut on her head.

I was torchard for three hours in the waiting room by not only Spongbob

on the Nick channel, But all of the ridicules Obama adverts they are

slamming down the throats of our adolescence.

The agenda of our general media is pretty clear, Its really looking like this

guy will probably take office.

All I can say, is get out there and vote, no matter who you like or dislike.


America as it once was is gone and only gonna get worse. I can't believe Americans are going to vote this Socialist into office. Liberals in the Oval Office, Senate and Congress...

God help us.

I know if those libs have it there way there will be no dirtbikes only electric scooter that we can ride to get are gov hand outs, god help us, i cant belive how ignorant some people are that say obama is so great, are just illinformed, i guess they want to pay higher taxes, have less freedom, and open borders, sound like france to me well i hope we can over come the odds cause i dont no what i will do if we get a f-ing markes for pres

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