Looking to learn to ride...

Hi people, I am looking to start riding motocross. I would like to find a nice used 250 2 stroke to start out on. If any of you people know someone selling one, that would be super.



Wut.... you know how to ride

did you ever get your money from the guy with your levers

Yes I did! Thanks for asking. I haven't ridden on the dirt in too long. I need to start from scratch.

You sure a 250 smoker is the best option to start out? Not knowing your history...that seems rather aggressive to me.

I am 6'3 175. I need something to pull my big butt around.

u are a skinny runt.....I am 5'9" and 173.....maybe a YZ250F to start out on..its a great bike....

Connor, where the hell you been hinding???

On a 2 stroke you want to just hit the lip of a

"Straight up style jump" as the hit from the powerband

comes on.

Everything else is just like all the XboX games

Learn it there.


Mike, I have been riding my street bike around the country and going to school. I graduate in the spring. So I would like to get back into racing.

I am 6'4 and 260 lbs and I had the same idea that I needed a 450 or 650 to haul me around. I originally bought a wr450 and it was plenty of power. I tried a yz250f and I am having so much more fun on that. I switched over to motocross and I dont get worn out too fast and I can throw the bike around when I need to. The only time I need the 450 power is if I am not on a track and looking to fly on a straight away. Go with the 250f and I think you will be very happy.

I used to ride a kx450f and it wore me out pretty bad. However so did my old 06 kx250f.

On another note, what is the name of that surgery for armpump?

Still got the 636?

Sold that bike in July. I put about 15,000 miles on it in the year that I owned it.

I am 6'3 175. I need something to pull my big butt around.
Okee-dokee! Understood!

You sure you want a two stroke? At your dimensions, I'm thinking a 450 would be a better fit. Plus, I must admit, the 4 strokes ARE easier to ride. I say that as a STRICTLY 4 stroke guy. As far as I'm concerned, if I can have a bike with gobs of power, why not get something that makes it easier to harness those gobs? I don't care if makes me a "lazy" rider according to some of the diehards out there.

Really, IMO and at the risk of pissing some folks off (not intended,) if the 2 strokes are so great, why do all the pros ride four strokes? Again, not looking to get in to a debate because I've never really ridden a 2 stroke for more than a couple hours. I'm just sayin'...

I don't want to buy a used 4 stroke.

I don't want to buy a used 4 stroke.
...and that's that. I understand. Good luck on finding something. Hope you get a good one! :lol:

LOL!!! talk about peer pressure for a four stroker, dang! I say your right on track with the used 2 stroker!! 1/2 the money to buy, 1/2 the money to maintain, and twice the fun. Get on craigslist you can probably get a heck of a deal on one.

Really, IMO and at the risk of pissing some folks off (not intended,) if the 2 strokes are so great, why do all the pros ride four strokes?

Cause they are not hardcore

Anyone find me a 250 yet?

What's up Connor?!

I think you'll do just fine on a 250 smoker and if you want, I can give you some riding tips.

Lesson #1: wheelies, one footers, proper goggle strap position, going fast in the parking lots

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