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Hi Guys,

New to this forum and boy what a wealth of information on here.

Im based in the north east of the UK and just bought a 2002 DRZ 400E from fleabay with about 7500 miles on it.

The engine is noisy, which from this forum I have discovered could be normal and the guy who had the bike was adamant it was fine.

It starts on the button and has lots of poke but it sounds as if its about to self destruct.

Its very much like a clatter but I cant decide if its valve train or big ends as its hard to pinpoint even with the old screwdriver to the ear.

Ive had a CCM 644 previously but it didn't sound like this.

I took some video and would be grateful if you guys in the know could give me some ideas.

Thanks in advance.:lol:

Sounds like it might be cam chain related, get a new chain, tensioner pads and a manual chain tensioner, that'll sort it.

Sounds like the cam chain to me also. I wouldn't ride it like that. I'd start with a MCCT from Thumper Talk or Ape and see if that helps.

+1 That's pretty cheap and easily done, if it gets better you kow you're on the right track. The Mcct should be a considered mod anyway.

I think it sounds like the auto decompressor. I just did the removal on my bike b/c it was making a very similar noise. You can check it by removing the valve cover. It is located on the exhaust cam. Mine was on the right-hand side but I have the kickstart model so it may be a little different, I also have a manual decomp. You'll know it when you see it in there. There is a pin on the auto decomp that should not move. That is what was wrong with mine. If it does move, you can easily cut it off with a dremel tool and be just fine. Your starter motor should be powerful enough to override the compression anyway. You can search it on this forum, just look up auto decomp and there is a ton of info. Hopefully this will help you. Safe riding!!

Thanks for the info guys.

I think I will check the valves as a matter of course and check the cam chain and auto decomp while I'm busy.

The engine clatter is embarrassing as it can be louder than the CRD exhaust!

1st repair already done, new speedo cable fitted, job no.2 tomorrow new h/light bulb then the valves etc....

I just did the primary nut, MCCT and new cam chain, all cost less than £60 and now mine sounds much quieter!


Go step by step. Definitely start with a manual cam chain tensioner, then try to take the auto decomp off. That should hopefully solve the problem.

Devondan where did you get the MCCT and how much are they?

Theres an Ape one on ebay at the moment but its 50 quid!

Devondan where did you get the MCCT and how much are they?

Theres an Ape one on ebay at the moment but its 50 quid!

Check the TT store for the MCCT, maybe it'll be less even including shipping..:lol:

Yeah I got mine from the TT store but they do come up cheaper on Ebay from time to time, I paid $65 shipped but the exchange rate was better then!


Ordered one from the TT store this morning, still worked out over £10 cheaper than one currently on ebay uk.

Fingers crossed this helps.

Thanks for all the info guys.

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