Dual Sport Hammer Run in New Jersey

Hey guys, anyone ever ride in the Hammer Run Dual Sport event in New Jersey that is going on this coming weekend? Hoping if anyone could tell me if they know if a motorcycle permit is acceptible to ride. The website indicates people must have a motorcycle liscence, but I heard they never check for it.


I haven't run it before(will this weekend), but it's an AMA event as far as I know and so far at every enduro I've run they've seen my license. If I were you, I'd post over at ECEA.org and see what they say. The organizers have answered questions there about the event for others. My guess is you won't be able to ride though. You may also want to check the dual sport forum here. Good luck.

Thanks for the help. I actually go a hold of Eldin and e indicated that a permit was fine so long I ride with another. I will be in a groupl of about 10 so that should not be an issue. So I should be good to go. My first ride as well, but looking foward to it. Got the ol' zuke ready for action. Have a good ride.

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