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wiring help!

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hey everybody, i'm having issues getting information on my bike, i'm pretty sure its going to be a similiar setup to the xr650l, thats why i'm posting this here. the bike has been stripped of its headlights, blinkers, tail light, and rear blinkers, the wires seem to all be crammed under the where the headlight should be. there is one plug with 6 wires going to it? and i have a wiring diagram for my bike(xr250l, i wish i still had my 650l sniff sniff) if anyone could PM me or something and help me figure out this wiring junk. i'm posting a picture of the wiring diagram and if anyone knows what one of the plugs relates to on the diagram that would be awesome! also if its not the same as a xr650l i'm very sorry!! but no one seems to have a lotta info on the 250l, the little white pig.


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