Vacation in Sedona 11/16-11/21. Should I bring my bike?

I'm going to be in Sedona for a week of vacation and I can ride a couple of days from Sunday 11/16 till Friday 11/21. I'm dual sported and I am up for just about any type of ride from dirt roads to single track. I can deal with almost any crazy trail, but I'm not a big fan of nasty hill climbs. If anyone has a ride going within a hour or two drive, I would really appreciate it if I could tag along. If anyone can ride during the week and you have trouble finding others to go with I can at least for that week.

A quick check of the forest service didn't show the Sedona area to be a hot bed of single tract, so I'm guessing that will be a drive. There do appear to be quit a few jeep roads.

Can anyone tell me how tight the law is in that area with respect to dual sports? I currently have dirt tires, D739's front and rear. Do they hassle you for that? Do I need to get DOT tires if I ride the roads/highways?

I'd really love to hit some trails, but if I don't I'll end up bringing my street bike. The horrors...

Thanks in advance,


Bring the bike. There are rides going on all over AZ all the time and I'm sure you'll find one to tag along on.

DOT tires are not needed. Just have a headlight, brake light, mirror, and license plate. Carry your credentials and you'll be fine. You're also supposed to have a horn but I've never been, nor have I heard of anyone every being hassled for it.

Oh- and a few guys from up in that area are active on TT and should post up soon.

Ya, bring the bike. I may join you for a plated ride either up there or down here,depending on the weather. P.M. me with contact info and we will try to get one of the Sedona/Prescott boyz to set something up. Scotty and Tom should chime in here any second......

I'm on my way in the morning. I've sent a few PM's and I hope that I can work out a ride with someone. If not I'll be exploring on my own. Anything on the bike is fun!

I should be able to get away for a day of riding from Sunday till Wednesday. May have too many things going on later in the week to get away.

Hope to meet some of you next week!

:thumbsup::moon: :moon: :ride: :ride: :p

Hayfield OHV isn't too far away.

Hayfield OHV isn't too far away.

I saw that on the map, but I've been more just cruising around. I did about 120 miles yesterday. I started in Sedona, tried a few of the jeep trails and then headed up the Casner Mtn trail. After I got to the top I lost a bolt that holds up the rear of my exhaust. The pipe actually split in half. Luckly I had an extra bolt along of more or less the correct size. I was planning on heading to the single track by the mountain north of Flagstaff, but with a broken exhaust I decided to head back. I jammed down the fire roads and took the 89A back to Sedona sounding like a Harley. A quick weld job at a car shop and I was back on the bike in under an hour.

Even going slow around the jeeps several gave me mean looks. What's up with pink jeeps anyhow?

Getting ready for a ride with WR tOM tomorrow.

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