Torn Between 2 bikes

Hey all I need help! I am looking at KTMs & Huskys. Mainly looking at 450s, but would consider if it would be more benficial to go bigger cc ( Husky 510, or KTM 525 or 530). Mostly riding trail , fire roads & small trips into town. I am worried about the huskys because I haven't heard alot about them and it seems like they are starting to come back. Feeling like they are going to be like the cannondales and VORs. But have heard that BMW has bought them, so mabey they are hear to stay?.? KTM I know have been around for quite sometime now, and they are very established. Any tips, pointers, advice, things I NEED TO KNOW (lol), I am open to listen. And appericate the knowlage that is passed to me. I know everyone has there own preferences and their own opinion. I am open to listen to everything you can throw my way. Thanks. Ed.

Husqvarna are very popular here. Lots of happy riders. I rode a TE250 and was impressed. They're here to stay IMO.

Husky is making a pretty solid comeback and has always made pretty darn good bikes. I wouldn't worry too much about them going the way of Cannondale (which Husky already beats anyway... :lol:) or VOR.

KTM has great bikes as well and in most locations offers a more widespread dealer support. They're as popular as they are for a reason. Going into my sponsor's shop usually reveals dual-sports that have had the unholy hell beaten and ridden out of them but keep on ticking. Usually the bikes are in there for relatively minor maintenence. Some of the higher strung MX bikes have had reliability issues, but not quite so much in the other lines.

I think Husqvarna sold the world’s first production bike in about 1903 some 5 years before HD?. Even though BMW has them now I don’t think they will be going anywhere for a while. In Oz & Europe the 450s are pretty much up there.

Maybe they don’t throw enough money at the right people to get 1st’s all the time.

Maybe they sell enough machines now that they don’t need to.

But to compare TE510 to 530EXCR (with their mods) it comes down to personal preference. To me the KTM feels more comfortable for longer rides. The Husky a race bike with rego. Both however will put a horn on a jellyfish.

Good luck.

husky make very good and reliable bikes so my say husky

HUSKY! :lol:

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