First aid kit for sweep rider

Did some searching and didn't come up with much.

In a couple of weeks I'll be running sweep in our club's hare scramble. Been thinking more about safety and what-not lately, so I was wondering, what would be good items to pack in a dirt-bike-specific first aid kit? I'm not too worried about bulk, this isn't going to be an every-ride pack. We will have a first aid station setup, so if a rider can make it there, all the better.

I know there's a zillion different first aid kits out there. Just wondering what is good and what is not so useful at a race. Hopefully some people have experience with this.

Thanks for any help.

A roll of electric tape for any cuts/gashes. Don't bother with bandaids...if anyone pulls off due to injury, it's normally more serious than that :p:lol: . A couple ace-bandages, some zip-ties, some gauze, and some gauze bandages (square bandages), and that's about it. Even that might be overkill???

Good Luck!! :lol:

All I carry with me is a roll of athletic tape. That will do just about every thing that a $50 store bought first-aid kit will. I’m thinking about getting a few of these to keep around and through one in the camelback.

In your situation maybe carry a radio of other means of communication to call for help in a real emergency.

check out they got some ideal stuff

Crap, I replied, but something happened.

We will all have radios, and for the most part don't plan on doing any of our own first aid stuff. We have pretty well planned out emergency access everywhere, and even a designated helicoptor landing area.

I am taking a first aid / cpr course this week, and it's just got me thinking more about all this stuff. My plan was basically gauze, tape, splint, snake-bite kit, that kind of stuff.

Thanks for the replies guys.

If you can get one, carry an albuterol inhaler too. I've had occasion to use one on the trail before because somebody forgot their athsma inhaler.

My list:

Superglue gel.

Electrical tape.

Tongue depressors.

Roll gauze.


3" very sharp knife.

Albuterol inhaler.

Small bottle of iodine.

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