Changing WR400 settings to Motorcross settings

Hi, just wondering if anyone knows how to change the settings on my 1998 WR400 to Motorcross settings so i can go motorcrossing.


you need to do the timing mod for starters, next you are dealing with a wide ratio (wr) gearbox, so the internal gearing will be different from a yz motocross setup, no cheap way around this, the front forks and rear shock are way softer so new springs and a revalve for them, the fly wheel is heavier, it would be cheaper and easier to buy a motocross if you are serious about racing, if you just want to mess about on the track, then i would suggest the timing mod and the suspension

I don't remember exact numbers but i think i was 8-10 clicks up on compresion. Rebound i don't remember. This was on a mellow track with small jumps. 50/13 gearing.

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