I just scored some Alpina supermoto wheels...Now I have some q's

I've been shopping around for some supermoto wheels to throw on my 98 WR400 for the winter and won with a low ball $800 bid for this pair of Alpinas:


Anyway, I assume with the tubeless rims I can just buy any street tire I want, but what are the widest tires I can run with a 3.5" front and 5" rear rim on a WR? I run Michelin Pilot Powers on my street bike, but are there any special considerations I have to account for on a dirt bike? I imagine you can feel the weight of the tires quite a bit more, so maybe narrower is actually better.

Also, I can already do a stoppie with the stock front brake, so what is the real reason for the big front rotor? Modulation? Racing?

120 front, 165 rear.

no reason to go any bigger.

But I recommend a 160.

You need a bigger brake because you will be traveling at higher speeds. You will fade and warp your stock rotors because they can't dissipate the heat quick enough.

Check your spacing carefully...on an older WR, you might not have the clearance to run a 5.0 in. rim and a 165 tire... You might even have the chain rubbing on the rim.

Most older bikes that I've seen do better with a 4.25 and a 150 tire...

I hate you! j/k I was watching those and you got a smokin' deal on them. No more tubes.

Yeah, I've seen most older bikes go with narrower rims, but because I bid on these not expecting to win, I didn't do my homework. If worst comes to worst, I called eastcoastwheels today and they said they'd trade them for a set of Talon Hubs/Excel Rims. I talked to the seller today and he seemed certain that they would work on the '98's smaller axel, but ecw said Alpina never made that configuration and I'd have to machine some new internals. Anyway, I'm not totally sure these will even work, but I got such a smokin' deal that I'm not really that concerned about it.

Does anyone here have an older WR running 5" wide rim?

as far as the big brake goes . it's needed to stop from higher speeds . the stocker over heats and fades away to nothing... If your riding this on the street at least get a bigger rotor , or the first near miss with an mini van will be a direct hit.

the tire size thing I run 160 pilot powers on my 07 wr . they are very tight and take alot of adjusting the bushing size to get them not to slap the chain . I would say get a graves chain block it will help with the chain slap . what is weird is a 160 pilot ct2 street will not fit on my bike for some reason they are aleast a inch wider.

I was going to buy those but they were way too blue for my taste.

I just opened up the wheels today and they look absolutely fantastic, but the front is a 16.5" not a 17" as advertised. As I understand it, the only tires available in that size are supermoto slicks and I was planning a hooligan/town bike project.

I figure I have three options:

1) See if they seller will take them back as it was his error that lead me to bid.

2) Trade them to EastCoastWheels for a set of Talon/Excels in whatever configuration I want.

3) Resell them.

At this point I'd like to just return them and sinking $875 + whatever shipping charges into a set of Talon/Excels seems a little excessive, but what would you do?

you could try trading in just the front one . and complain to the guy who sold them to you. you maybe could get some of your money back or he may trade you for the 17. that set of rims is like 500 dollars more then a set of talons . a set of new talons can be had for like 1200 those are 1700 . and those are tubeless so they are lighter . I would surely keep at least the rear one.

keep em both, go and talk to a bearing shop and give them the od and id you need. you would be suprised the combinations they have.

His ad doesn't say their both 17's. Did you ask him that? Maybe you could get the 16.5 slick and have it grooved. Are you sure eastcoast would trade you if the front is a 16.5? They are slick looking wheels.


his ad absolutely does. just look at the auction title. the seller seemed like kind of an idiot when i talked to him on the phone as he assured me that these wheels included a spacer kit for the '98 wr/yz and the fact that he can't read the writing on the side of the rim proves this. worst comes to worst i can always either deny the charge on the card or go with paypal's buyer protection, but i'd vastly prefer just to have a working set of supermoto wheels for my bike.

Ok I couldn't see the forest through the trees. He's got to take them back if that's the route you want to go. Maybe see if eastcoast will sweeten the deal. Throw in a set of tires and spacers. Those wheels are awful spendy.

I just talked to East Coast this morning and they're hooking up a pair of Excel/Talons, tires, and a big brake kit for my Alpinas. This will be way easier than dealing with the seller and I'll get exactly what I want in the end. Props to East Coast for offering to help out like that!

Woah! That's a good deal! Sounds like you came out ahead. Can't wait to see some pics.:lol:

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