04 shrouds on 05

i have an 05 yz250...i had earlier posted about getting white plastics for it....but instead i picked up a full yellow kit with tank for dirt cheap.....well, the shrouds are a little gnarly lookin and i wanna replace them....(its all acerbis plastic)...well when i look at the acerbis website...it shows all models up to 04...but no 05-08 for anything.......the plastics i have look like they have been altered in a few areas...you can tell there cut......so will i have to do the same thing now if i want to get new yellow plastics??

Nothing changed during the time period. I suspect the listing is about someone not bothering to update their catalogue.

06 changed the way the front # plate mounts. But all other plastic is interchangeable from 02-09 125 and 250.

does anyone still make yellow shrouds..now that i looked at current book, and im not seein anything

One industries has yellow , but I dont knwo if it is available outside of the complete Hurricane kit.

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