orion pit bikes

Im looking to buy a pit bike for under $1000 and I was wondering if orion pit bikes good pit bikes

Dont get orion. I bought one about 9 months ago and i only just got it working prolly a little over three weeks ago. i had to get three new engines from orion cuz every one would go into neutral when i tried to go from third gear to second. finally i bought an EVOS engine from g2 moto. the guy mike that owns the company is a really good guy and knows what hes doing (check out the g2 moto bikes, their good quality my friend has 2). also, i spent over $1700 (cost of g2 moto) dollars now on my bike (paid $1000 when i got it) just to get it working. not my idea of good quality. since when are you supposed to have to fix brand new things hahaha. good luck man.

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