poss new fix for oil drain/bolt strip?

I'm getting ready to do my first oil and filter on my 450.I have read all the Stickys on the lower bolt on the oil filter housing cover that could poss get stripped while removing it.Is it poss to cut a bolt and insert it into the housing with lock tight to perminetly cover the drain passage and retap the outer portion of the case for a shorter bolt?I haven't had it apart yet so this might not be poss at all but I figured I would through it out there.What do ya think?

if it's the bolt I'm thinking of it's quite long . like 3.5 - 4 inches or so and goes all the way into the main case . I don't really see any reason why you couldn't replace that one with a stud and a nut , but one or both of the other two has oil running around it and a copper washer to seal it . a stud with a nut would leak in this case. What I woud do If I were you . is just take the bolts out make sure you turn them counter clockwise . If one strips out deal with it then otherwise put in your new filter put some never-sieze on the bolts and just bearly tight . I've put mine on loose enough that it leaked when I started it . I just grabbed a t-handle and tightened it until it stopped leaking.

good idea with the stud and nut.I just dont want to run into the problems I have been reading about.Thanks:thumbsup:

Ya,I read that but dont think thats what I'mm gonna do.Although a good idea,not my #1 pick.

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