Kick start problem

I need help. I'm new to bikes and I have a 99 xr200r (have had for 3 months). Just had valves adjusted and timing chain adjusted (at shop) and kickstarting now seems harder than before. Now today I kick started and when I went down on the kick it seemed to just free kick after about 1/2 way thru kick stroke. It now won't start and kicks free w/ no resistance or compression. I assumed a bad problem and parked. When I roll it while in gear it definitely rolls easier than before the kickstart problem.

Does this sound like a timing chain break?

If so, is this an easy backyard repair? or What other problems might I need to be concerned with? And what about cost of repairing?

as you have rebuilt the engine, it seem to me like the old problem these bike have of damaged kict start gears.

this happens a lot if you do not have the decompresssor fitted.

you should lie the bike on its left side and take off the clutch cover and have a look at the kick shaft, and gears, my old xl 185 sheard off 2 teeth on the large gear on the shaft.

i luckliy had enough old bits in stock so it only cost me a gasket set, but if i had to buy all of the parts it would have cost me the following:-

new rhs crank case, 2 new gears, new shaft, so as you can see it could be costly if you buy new bits.

have a good look first though.

I pulled off the flywheel to inspect the timing chain and the crankshaft sprocket had sheared off. Not sure how to get it off but there's the first problem solved.

sounds like the cam chain was adjusted way too tight. Maybe someone might know if this is possible? Im pretty sure the tensioner is somewhat automatic.

sounds like the cam chain was adjusted way too tight. Maybe someone might know if this is possible? Im pretty sure the tensioner is somewhat automatic.

Best guess is it wasn't due to the chain being too tight and more likely the cam shaft stopped moving for some reason or something locked up the chain. I think you better keep tearing into it.

Got it fixed, finally!

Here's the rundown on the problem:

The timing chain guide/tensioner assembly had broke which caused the timing chain to flop around in the case which probably led to the lower timing sprocket to fail. The timing chain possibly jumped a tooth or something when the sprocket break occurred at kick start.

The c-shaped bracket that is attached to the timing adjuster bolt had broke the weld. Since that bracket was no longer attached and not working properly, the timing chain without proper tension just flopped around between the lower sprocket and the upper sprocket.

The bracket was re-welded and a new lower timing sprocket was installed and all parts are now working properly and the motor when running now, no longer has that old slapping sound. When funds are ready I will be buying a new timing chain and chain guide to replace the older ones. All other items were inspected and appear to be in good condition.

Finally will be riding again this weekend...wahoo! All is good again!:thinking:

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