gear 2-3

has anyone noticed a hard shifting spot on the 06 and 07 models i believe it is between 2nd and 3rd gear so is this common or what because it just seems harder to shift?

The Kawis ain´t exactly slick shifting... Although they got better with each year. For example the 07 got a new shift drum.

I´ve never ridden an -06, but I´ve ridden some 07 and 08´s. They are a bit notchy by nature, and kind of "klonks" in to gear if you shift under full power.

But it´s not really a big problem, and I never miss any shifts or anything...

Maybe you can test a friends bike to get a feel for if it´s normal or not.

The shifting is changed again for 09, I hope that it´s even better than previous models.

yeah i have an 07 so yeah i thought i read it was normal somewhere so yeah thanks

Hey guys i have the same thing a 07 kx250f and im finding it extremely difficult to shift from 2-3 any help at all ?

Go with a different oil. I like the Klotz oil. Bike shifts like butter with that. I just got a new 2013 kawi and havent tried it in that yet. But in my CRF it made a world of difference!

Have an 07 and no issues

How many hrs you have on the bike and what type oil are you using?

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