Weight of 450f???

Hey guys,

I'm a regular(kinda) on the wr250f side...I'm selling my 01 wr250f to buy a new one with a starter...I had a 520sx before the 250f and am

still missing the grunt of an open bike (less gear changing, clutching, that sort of thing.)

I rode an 01 EXC400 and have thoght about going

that way...but Yamahas really have been good to me. The exc was heavier than mine, but not too noticable....the last wr426 I rode felt real heavy. I have owned 2 yzf400 and thought it may just be the seat/tank on the wr....but either way, it was heavier feeling to me.

Any sugestions or knowledge about the weight of the up-an-coming WRs.



I beleve the '03 WR426 is one pound lighter than the '02 WR426.

Check it out:

'03 WR426 info

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The 03 WR"450" is suppose to be somewhat lighter than the 02 426...But myself for the woods and whatnot, i'm going with the 03 WR450. That elec. start sounds awesome.

I like the yz style seat and tank! plus alleged better swingarm action.

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