what bike?

Ok so right now im around 95lbs and like 5,2. I am on a ttr125 and i want to start to get into racing or just riding hard on mx tracks. i go to mx tracks but my bike is so limited right now it bottoms out and has no power:lame: My dad recently just rode a yz85 and said that he would never get me a 2 stroke because they are crazy powerful but wants me just to grow into a 250f. Also does it reaally make a big difference witha powervalve and i think i could handle it anyway. I want to get an 85 and get used to some power(150r is basically out of the question to expensive).I like trails just don't love them but i love mx tracks haha. What should i do and what bike should i get?



Well, if the 150 is too expensive, you are going to be "limited" to a 2 stroke. You are not going to find a bike that you can ride on an MX track that will allow you to grow into a 250f.

An 85 will suit you just fine. Your dad is a larger person, and that bike is not designed for him, so it is always going to feel like its a powerhouse and unstable, etc.

good point still open to other comments

i think a cr 85 they r not crazy fast unless u hold it in band cause i have a cr125 and its not fast unless i hold it flat when its in band its crazy fast so i think cr 85

Get an 85. Going from a ttr 125 to a 250f is a pretty big jump. An 85 would make the transition easier.

get a 250f two of my friends went from a ttr125 up to a 250f and they were fine with change

Kx 100.

Well eric if u wait 1 year there comin out with a yamaha 150 4 stroke read some magazines youll find it:bonk:

Really? There's going to be a YZ150F? :worthy:

yeah ive heard about the 150fs from yamaha etc but i just figured out i can already tip toe barely on a yz250f so ill just wait for a 250f thanks and i think ive grown some haha

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