Honda St90 & Ct70 engine swaps

Hi everyone!! I would like to know if those chinese 125cc engines will be a ''bolt on'' engine into a Honda st90 & Ct70 frame with no modifications needed... And will it use the honda carb, electricals, pipe, etc... Thank you vey much!!

They will on the 50s and 70s but not the 90s. The 90 cases have 3 engine mounts and the 50 / 70 engines hae 2 engine mounts.


Ahhh man...:lol:

But what if those two mounts on the 50/70s line up with two of the three on the 90s....

Even if they don't, I'd be looking at fabbing my OWN engine mounts. Those hot-rod Lifan motors look like they'd be a hoot in a vintage 90 frame, say, an S90 or something.


Yeah thats what I thought about....

only one hole lines up. The bottom rear. The others are differnent.


ok, thanks for the helpful info.... It must not be that hard to fabricate engine mounts.....

Wouldn't electrics be a pain to set up? I'm thinking along the lines of 6V/12V, alternator/magneto, CDI/points, etc. shows ya how to do it and they sell an adapter for the other engine mount

Some motors require some footpeg modifications, and all of the classic will need some kind of 12v swap because the stock motors were 6. Im getting ready to do a 150 4speed manual to one of our CT70s my self. :lol: shows ya how to do it and they sell an adapter for the other engine mount

A place that has parts for my '66 trail 90, that rocks! Thanks for posting it!

We have many ct type engines in stock, let me know if you have any questions.

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