2006 KX450F Revamp

Ok so I am riding a 06 kx450f I've had about 2 yrs on the bike 1 1/2 race season. I'm going to be riding the bike for another year, Its had one top end already just for maintence, what should I do to make it like new, all new cables bearing's top end.

I would put new...

Pivot works linkage kit

Freshen the suspension with new oil, seals and fresh Nitro charge.

New wheel spacers to keep the bearings clean

Throttle and clutch cables for sure

New rim locks and rubber rim spoke guards

New foot peg mounting pins (I like the pegs to feel tight)

New Chain rollers (give the bike a tight sound as well)

New rubber mounts on your handlebars (if you still have stockers)

New brake fluid and pads (pads are if needed)

New timing chain for sure, and valves if money is no issue.

Uhmmm, that is just off the top of my head for now....

Are timing chains a problem in that year or just a recommendation?

Just a recommendation. After about a year of hard riding they get streched a bit. You just don't want to jump a tooth on the cams, not good!

+1 on valves and timing chain.

and for bling factor, throw some fresh plastic

I have the pc linkage already.

And i'm sure its due for another top end

I'm no expert but I was told by a local shop that I would need to have the cylinder replated after next top end as well. He said it was good for another 60-80 hours but that's it. Has 50hrs total on it now. Maybe someone else can chime in on this?

New rubber mounts on your handlebars (if you still have stockers
Interesting. What's the difference with new ones? I just tighten mine down pretty tight, and never think about them until after a crash.

Tankz400, Other not-so-typical repairs not mentioned:

* Remove, inspect, re-torque all engine mount bolts+nuts.

* Oil spoke nipples when rubber is off.

* Retension spokes and check rims for runout.

* Check clutch basket fingers - or just get a new one.

* Too obvious, but your rear suspension bearings ok?

* Pull apart and clean + silicone lube your hand throttle.

* Clutch perch worn?

* Check for rust in the hotstart cable and mechanism.

Ok so working on a budget, last weekend I ruined my head pipe, so i went ahead and orderd a new top end kit. maybe monday i'll just bite it and order teh timing chain as well, before i went out for the day the bike didnt feel like it had much compression but it still pulled fine.

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