I really, truly hate projects, but... (not bike related whatsoever)

I have been laid off since January... time to do stuff, but no money. I knew we were getting back some money on taxes this year, but since hubby started a business last year, everything went to an accountant... and we waited... and waited...

Finally, two weeks before I'm due to get called back to work I have some money to do a project. Wish me luck that I get it done before I get back to work... or it may just get dangerous around here! LOL

I'm guessing we'll have the house paid off in about 5 years, so I plan to get a loan at that time to remodel the kitchen completely... new cabines, new appliances, actually have more than one outlet on the countertop that I can plug something into (I have two duplex outlets, but three things plugged in - microwave, clock radio, under cabinet light) so I literally have ONE outlet... drives me nutso I tell ya! Well, I have officially HAD it with my set from "That 70's Show" and I'm going to paint cupboards, walls, put in new backsplash, new carpet (or something) and window treatments. I pulled off cupboard doors yesterday and got all the hardware off, and everything is coming out and cupboards are getting scrubbed today. I may throw a coat of paint on yet tonight, but time is getting short. I have had one heck of a time just finding places to put all the JUNK that is in the cupboards (and I'm doing tops, then bottoms, so only half of my cupboard stuff is out right now).

Here's my 'before' pic:


This is the only area that was still relatively intact when I remembered I needed a 'before' picture! Whoops! Unfortunately, the harvest gold appliances are staying for the time being... not sinking dough into them unless they puke between now and remodel. I plan to have different spaces available then, so I can have a larger stove and oven. :lol:

I have also been working on my dad's old Jeep... I'll make up a fresh post for that one... coming ASAP!

OK, here's the skinny on the Jeep. When my dad passed away earlier this year, mom was in a dilemma of what to do with the Jeep. Dad bought it brand new... it's a 1978. It's only the second ever brand new vehicle he ever bought for himself (the first being a '52 Ford if mom is right). He drove the Jeep back and forth to work about 10 years when the motor seized (an uncle who owned an auto parts store convinced him to buy graphite oil... it was brand new and supposed to be the thing to use... but graphite deposits in rings and freezes them up).

The Jeep set in the back yard for many years... several folks came knocking at the door asking if he would part with it, but the answer was always "no." About 20 years ago, he bought an inline 6 motor for it, but when he fixed up the Jeep about 15 years ago, he rebuilt the 405 V8 that was in it. He pop riveted some sheet metal over the bigger holes in the body, and did a little Bondo work on some others. He painted it all with some spray paint he bought cheap. The Jeep was originally a dark green metallic, but he painted it Ford blue. I think it looks better blue, personally.

Well, mom was in a dilemma about the Jeep, figuring (rightly) that nobody really wanted it. It currently didn't run, and had been setting for several years... needing a lot of work. I had a brainstorm, ran it by everyone, and they all liked it. The grandsons were to fix the Jeep up for a spare vehicle and play toy and mom was going to pay for parts. Unfortunately, only one grandson was truly interested... my nephew Spencer. Since he's been working mostly alone, I have been giving a hand when and where I can. He has some buddies that have helped a lot too.

This is what it looked like before we started any work on it (except replacing the fuel pump so we could drive it)


Here is what it currently looks like:


It is a 1978 Jeep CJ-7 with a 405 V8. There were less than 1% of this exact model made that year. It also has an extremely rare 60/40 split bench front seat (passenger part being the smaller part).

It now has new tires, new fuel pump, new rear brakes (pretty much from the master cylinder straight through), new gas tank, some new bulbs and switches, new hood hardware, painted side mirrors, body, bumpers and spare tire rack. I have also cleaned up the fender flares and they are black again. We have some more touch up paint work to do here and there, and plan to paint the top at some point too. There is some more mechanical work that needs to be done also.

Good luck on the kitchen. Did you know that you can by enamal that is safe to use on appliances? You could paint those lovely appliances to get by until you can afford new ones.

The Jeep looks great - I have a 1980 CJ7 that needs some work when you are done with that one! :lol:

Whoa! Thanks for the heads-up on appliance paint. Now that may be a viable thing to do. I will have to check into it. I'm wondering about the gas stove top... but I'm sure I'll find out when I go and ask. :lol:

This is kind of why I posted this... you never know when someone will have a great idea! :p

thats a gorgeous jeep! i'd love a lifted CJ7 or wrangler. and get a sticker for it that says "didn't barbie drive a jeep?" :lol:

Woo hoo! tore my oven door apart, going to paint it silver (stainless-ish) - found appliance paint... thanks KTMMotoGirl!!! While shopping at Lowes for the paint and some other stuff, I found a cooktop I really like, so I think we'll replace the horrendous POS that I currently have. Woo hoo! I am SO excited!!!!!

I am so glad I could help. My husband calls me the queen of recycling. I am constantly finding things and refurbishing them for my own use.

My best project ever was a couple of bar stools. I wanted diner style stools, but they are like $140 a piece. I went over to my friends house and found a couple of old stools in the back of her garage that looked like they came out of an old diner, only they were rusty and nasty. She gave them too me and I refurbished them using appliance paint (heavy duty), some white pleather fabric and new rubber feet. Now they look like the $140 dollar version, only I paid way less than that and it only took me a weekend.

Total cost:

Stools - Free

Paint / Primer / Sand Paper - $24

Pleather Fabric for 2 stools - $12

Rubber Feet - $8

Total cost: $44

I will post pics later, but I still use them and the look as good as the day I finished their make over!

Well, I had issues w/the paint... it was spitting little balls of black all over everything, so it gave it a grainy finish. Poop. I used up my can, and still not happy w/the finish. AND I still have that ugly as sin range hood that I forgot all about. :lol::p

Don't forget to post the "after" pics, Yamamama!!!

Enquiring minds wanna know!!

Good luck with the kitchen renos, and it'll be nice to see that ol' Jeep back in service!!:lol: Ya know, ya just can't kill a good ol' Jeep!!!

yeah, have fun with your projects YM! at least your cupboards look like they are in pretty good shape, not all scratched and dented, ahem "distressed". That jeep is a beauty too!

I was thinking--can you yank those trim pieces off the doors and tack on something else? they have nice trim at lowes(like with embossed leaves or something, or plain even).

How's this for Red Green--my hub decided to make our washer (almond) match our dryer (white). SO he put some house paint:bonk: and used the aircompressor/paint sprayer to spray the washer with cream paint. It looked real good for two minutes, of course it's peeling! The washer is 20 years old though so oh well :lol:. Do you have an aircompressor and paint sprayer? you could try auto paint on your appliances? Ha, you could use your leftover jeep paint! Have a matching jeep and oven!!!!! How cool is that?

ROFLMAO!! :lol::p

The oven door actually looks pretty good... rough as heck, but good. I hit it w/some fine sandpaper to take the bumps down a bit... may sand a wee bit more and see what it looks like. I'm going to sand the range hood (not porcelain finished, just painted metal) and paint it w/that metallic paint w/a brush. I don't want to take it down to spray it, so I'm going the easiest route I can find.

I already ripped that crappy trim off the doors. I would like just a flat door, but unfortunately the trim is dovetailed into the face of the door. Hubby is going to make me some plain wood strips that we will just slap a coat of varnish on (natural finish like my wood table and chairs in the breakfast nook, w/white cabinets that match the trim on said table and chairs).

We DID have a VERY productive trip to Lowe's yesterday though... several more very viable ideas for the kitchen layout that will give more counter space, move my cooktop to the area I want it in (where I will have more than 1 square foot of counter space by it), and a ton more storage space. I will lose my breakfast nook as I know it, but the countertop will extend into that area w/bar stools, then a buffet on the opposite wall. :lol: That's the plan at this point anyway. We'll see what the professionals say though. They may think I'm nuts. LOL

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