Sea Foam

Just curious what all you CRF guys think about Sea Foam motor treatment...Does it help any with cleaning out your carb? I also heard people add it to there oil right before they change oil to help clean out the crankcase. Anyone done it? the stuff?

It will help clean the carb if you have any "build up". It won't remove any hard debris like sand, fuel line or brass. It's petro based and won't harm anything in the relevant quanity. I suppose you could add it to your oil before an oil change to thin it out and drain better, but I personally wouldn't ride with it in the oil. It's just not necessary if there is no sludge build up. Warming your motor before and oil change is probably just as effective.

P.S. This aforementioned statement is based on personal experience, and readers should make their own descision. This info and a 1.89 will get you a good cup of coffee just about anywhere.:lol:

Sea Foam is best for a high mileage car to clean the intake valves and PVC system. Your bike doesn't need it.

Can't help, might hurt, I wouldn't use it.

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