whats wr..ong with my wr

my wr is very boggy..when i romp on it it boggs, it stays consistent at low speeds but when the power is needed im left in the dust.....I've done the grey wire mod..also cut my exhaust tube and opened up my air box...now a buddy of mine has done the same mods and has soooo much more power than mine....do i need to look into jetting?:lol:

Yes, bogging is can be due to jetting issues.

You gotta do the jetting trick to maximize your other free mods. I did the JD Jetting kit and it was the best $75 I could have spent. I'm no mechanic, but the directions were simple and it was easy to install. Just follow the adjustments for your riding altitude and it'll blow your socks off. Instant snap in the low end and it pulls through to an unbelievable top end.

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