rebound adjuster..whats wrong here..

Revalving my forks last night, the first went smooth, everything went together just right. On the second one, when i screwed the rebound adjuster onto the nut on the inner chamber rod, it didn't go down as far as the manual says it should, i would say it has a 4-5mm gap instead of the 1mm that the manual says, but the adjuster seems to work ok...

Just wanted to check before i try to ride it and really screw something up..


you need to hold the rod with soft jaws, then screw the jam nut fully onto the rod, screw the rebound adjuster onto the rod as far as it will go, make sure the D tube(if its a showa) lines up ok both ends, fully screw the adjuster onto the rod, you may still have a bigger gap than 1mm but should be less than 5mm, now tighten the jam nut against the adjuster.

Man, this problem sure comes up a lot. Wish they would change how they word the manual on how to put the adjuster on the rod.:lol:


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