Has anyone hooked these HIDs up?

I was thinking it would be cool and cheap to hook up either the one 7" or the two 4" HIDs from checker/shucks/kragen for less than a third or the cost of baja designs.

has anybody done this? the only prob I can think of is startup amperage.

but after they heat up they only use 30w.:lol:

either one of these:


whaddya tink?

That link doesn't seem to work properly. ???

I had to enter my zip code to get the light to come up:thumbsup:

4.3 lbs x 2=8.6 pound on you handle bars :lol: Seems like a little much maybe just the one 7"......

I searched for info about that light on different sites. Trucks,buggies,quads, and bikes. Very good reports about output and reliability. Draw will be closer to 35W i was told. Must be DC of course.

I actually purchased one a few weeks back. It's not a bad light really. It's a driving pattern, but the weird thing is that the fluting is in the reflector and not the lense, which is the opposite of most lights. At any rate I had the same plan in mind and made a simple mount out of aluminum channel that would use u-bolts to mount to the fork legs. The problem I found (at least on an '08 WR) was that the depth of the light hit the back of the stock enduro computer before the light would have been at the proper angle. I did not want to do away with the computer and am not much into anything more than simple fabrication as what is really needed is for the light to be extended a bit farther out from the forks like the hoop style light mounts do. So I went with a BD standard enduro light that I am converting to HID as I had done on my XR. The BD light is about $90, has great optics, and you can modify it with an HID kit off ebay for about another $40 (if you can find a friend to split an automotive kit with). This setup will be way lighter and really has very good nighttime optics. Not as much of a high speed nighttime setup as an 8" hid, but plenty of depth for up to 50 mph or so and a better spread than the 8" lights for tighter running.

What you'll need no matter which way you go:

1. rewound stator (BD) or new stator (Trailtech). HID is only DC and the stock WR only puts a small charge of DC to the battery with the rest going AC to the light. The new or rewound stator will unify the two circuits and send it all to the battery.

2. Regulator/Rectifier. This will replace the stock AC regulator on the bike

3. Some sort of switch as the light will always be on otherwise. I like a simple toggle off the side of the light.

After that, it's happy times! :lol:

great info I didnt know about the ac/dc thing

My buddy is running the 7inch set up on his WR426. I wouldn't put anything but that on the front of my bike. The pattern is awesome, the mounting set up is flawless and clean looking and the light it puts out is amazing. I am a big fan of Baja Designs and have always had good luck with them.

Here's a mount I made for mine.


Front view.


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