Cheap checker HIDs?

I was thinking it would be cool and cheap to hook up either the one 7" or the two 4" HIDs from checker/shucks/kragen for less than a third or the cost of baja designs.

has anybody done this? the only prob I can think of is startup amperage.

but after they heat up they only use 30w.

either one of these:

just weld up a hoop hook up a switch and BAM?!

whaddya tink?

It says the 7" draws 35 watts, but no rating on the 4" light. TrailTech also sells HID off road lights.

As cheap as they are it might be worth a try.

Look at my avitar.... Two 7" kragen HID on a WR450

Nice. I ran one in a 24hr race and it did just fine. Not sure what they cost now but I got mine for $99 then built a bracket out of scrap. Survived a lot of punishment and still looks new.

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