weld repairs on a DRZ 250

hello again, I let my younger brother ride the DRZ for the day well he took a tumble and bent the rear seat area of the frame about 2 inches to one side i bent it back but there is one place near the very back that needs a weld. It also needs a weld on one of those triangular guards at the bottom of the frame gaurding the front of the cases,

My question is, is the frame just mild steel? or is it some funky alloy thats gonna be a pain to weld?

It is probably mild steel. Only stainless steel would call for a special welding rod and I am sure it is not that.

most bike frames are chromolly steel, which i believe is essentially a high grade mild steel, Its certainly weldable.

A little Update, I successfully fixed up the frame today it welded like regular mind steel no problems at all...

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