Thinking of selling her

My baby.

(posted in Honda 2t but really didn't get many replies)

I need the money right now, (car, and misc bills) how much do you guys think I could get for her?

2001 CR125

Full Pro Circuit Exhaust

Boysen reeds

Renthal Bars

New graphics+seat cover

box of extra plastics (4 sets of shrouds, 3 front fenders, 3 back fenders, and side plates)

Cared for meticulously.

I have ridden it maybe 5 times since I purchased it in July, but I go out and start it close to every day.



$1500 at most depends on your location though

I'd say 1300-1600, thats what they're going for around here.

Here you could probably sell that for about $1800, that would be a really good deal for $1300!

I would go on and type it in and see what you come up with.

I'd say $1500'd be lucky to get $1200 for that around here. :lol::p

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