my new project

I just picked up another project bike.. Its an 82 KX250,I got it for $200,it had been sitting in a garage for years,because it stopped firing... I put a cdi box on it,cleaned the carb,threw in a new plug,drained and flushed all the oil and added fresh..Crossed my fingers,and she fired up on the first kick!!! It runs great,and doesnt look to bad just needs freshened up... I cant get enough of these old Kawi 2smokers..:lol:




And here is my other project its an 82 KX80


I didn't think they had front disc's in 82.

82 was the first year,for front discs on the kx250...The KX80 still has drums..

Hey, all right. Congratulations. Where did you steal it out from under me (I mean FIND IT, sorry about that)? :lol::p

Oddmore,,I mean Ardmore,Al. lol... I was told about it from some friends,they said it was a 125 and the guy wanted $500,ended up being a 250 for $200.. I was stoked..

the 82 80 brings back memories, that was my first bike. keep us updated on them!!!

I sure will..

Ah, Ardmore. I have been there several times, mostly for the Chinese food and lottery tockets. :lol:

Keep us updated on the project.

nice project bike, good luck with it!

Dude, definately make a new thread when you start working on that! :lol: Can't wait......we need some new entertainment.

Yeah,I was going to trade it,to get my brother a 4wheeler,but I just decided to keep the bike..I just cant bring my self to get rid of it...I may just give him the kx80 when its finished.

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