FMF gnarly pipe help

I'm searching for the best/cheapest dealer to help me get a FMF gnarly pipe for a 2008 KTM-200XC.

Can anyone steer me in the right direction--I haven't had any real luck just web surfing so far...any advice is appreciated. :lol:

Try , I got my gnarly pipe threw them. The price was

better than the ktm dealer. I think you will get free shipping for a purchase over a $100.00

There is a store on ebay selling gnarly pipes. for $188 with $10 shipping. still not a bad deal:ride:

Would you happen to have there web site address, ro they're ph# ?

rocky, with a coupon code and free shipping....


Call the ThumperTalk store, i bet they will give you a great deal, plus you support a great site that we have all learned so much on :lol:


mine was 180 everywhere i looked but got a deal on it when i became a member at Brushy Mt.... got it at cost from tucker rocky dist. ran me 120 or 130.... but membership cost me 250.... all and all i saved well over 250 with all the parts i ordered so it was like getting a membership for free!:lol:

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