gas tank.

as you may have read in my last post, the guy i bought my yz 125 from lied and said it was a 2003. it had a cracked gas tank so i ordered a new one. off of a 2005; my bike is a 99 or 98 idk. but anyway the new tank i got doesnt quite fit, and i was told it can work. but i dont know how.

so my question is how can i fit a 2005 gas tank on a 1999.

either way if it works, or doesnt work i am going to make it work because i told my dad it would fit and i dont think he will be happy when i tell him it doesnt fit and i need $200 for a new tank again.

eh nevermind my dad made some brackets for it and it fits nice and clean now.

That happened to me once, thought I was buying a 93' but it was a 91 once I looked closer at the VIN after I bought it. I was 17, just another learning exprience, I didn't overpay so I wasn't too pissed.

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