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Concept choice: B

Age: 18

State: Maryland

Current bike: 2004 KTM 250 SX

I chose that concept because in my opinion, it's the best of both worlds. Assuming that all the concept bikes are 4 strokes, a 250 is sometimes not enough on fire roads, but is great in tight conditions. A 450 on the other hand, dominates on the wide open trails, but is definitely too much on tight singletrack. A 350 would be the best of both worlds, and if it's lacking anywhere, that problem could probably be overcome via a gearing change. Not a big issue. And the weight would be more tolerable and easier to work with as opposed to a 450.

Price would not matter too much for me specifically. If I was dropping the coin on a new bike, I would get it for what I was going to use it for, with price not factoring in too much. :lol:



west virginia

05 wr 450f (plated)

the 250 is too small ecpecially for the road, the 350 would be a better option, but the 450 has excellent power to weight ratio, and can cruise at highway speeds for a longer period.


the 350 would make a nice dual sport, but under powered in the technical stuff.

1. Concept B

2. 34 years old

3. New Jersey

4. 2007 Husky TE 250/300

5. 250 is awesome, but a little more low-end oomph is very welcome. 450 is just too much for the stick farms in the ECEA enduros.

6. I would still choose the 350 if it were the same price as the 450. I can't utilize 450cc in these enduros, and the fatigue factor muscling a 450 through the really tight stuff would really hurt my already meager performance.




4...2004 WR450

5...I like the grunt that the 450 has to haul my big butt around and it would be more highway friendly.

6...I probably would be less inclined to go for the 350 at the same msrp.


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  • Concept C
  • Age 37
  • WI
  • No bike currently
  • Chose the 450 because I'd like something more suited for possible extended rides
  • Yes, I'd be less inclined to chose the 350. I would want a larger engine.

Choice: C

Age: 35

Location: OH

Bike: Honda XR-400r

Choice: the 450 concept

I realize the smaller bikes are a better choice for offroad and tighter technical use, and i am aware that the survey did stipulate "90% offroad" but a dualsport needs to take the highway occasionally, and i'm not comfortable on anything smaller than my 400 in those instances, however brief. Dualsport is always a tradeoff. Something between a piggy klr, or a sketchy 250, but 350 and 450 being equal price, i'm leaning toward the 450.

Choice: A

Age: 15

Location: IN

Bike: 03 Suzuki RM125

Choice: the 250 Concept

I like the feel of lighter, smaller bikes. I feel as if I can use the power a lot better and I wouldn't get as tired as riding a 450 for 3 hours straight in a grueling enduro or harescramble. If the 450 and 350 were the same price, I would lean towards the 450 because you get more bike for the money.

1. Concept Choice: A

2. Age: 39

3. New Mexico

4. 91 XR250L

5. Lightest, plenty of power for off road, fuel mileage.

6. I would still look at buying the 350 regardless of price.

1. C

2. 41

3. CA

4. crf450x

5. 450 without question. Less is less. Does TT and all the other aftermarket dealers/indutry sell products to make your bike have less power???? Start out that way. Of course if you want a good business, you could sell the 350- then market the $1000 after market exhaust system to those who voted for the 350, but really wanted the power of the 450, which is what it'll end up[ being in a few years anyway.

6. WAY less inclined. Might be good at sea level, but altitude would be magnify the lesser displacement bike. A 250 is worthless and already exists from many manufacturers. A 350 may be good for someone who weights less than 170lbs, but that's not me. Any bike should have at LEAST a 6 speed transmission. I would NOT buy any bike made in china. If you build it, they will come..

1. Concept Choice B

2. 36 yrs old

3. Kentucky

4. CRF405R

5. A 350 seems to be the best of both worlds and bridges the gap for riders that are too large for a 250 but don't really need the power and weight of a 450. At 6'0", 200lbs, I feel I am to large for a 250 and it is underpowered for the type of riding I do. A 450 is a better option but is more tiring to ride for long periods of time. A 350 seems to be a good compromise between both bikes.

6. Price wouldn't really matter to me between a 350 and 450.

1. Concept C

2. Age 26

3. Utah

4. RMZ 450

5. i like the 450 tht i have now plus i am a bigger rider. 6'3" 230 pds

6. If the 350 performed i would take it. But like most you see bigger so you think it is better.

1). C

2). 40

3). Michigan

4). 2008 Honda XR650L

5). light enough for trails, powerful enough for roads

6). I'd be less inclined to go with the 350 for the same amount of $$. If I can get more power for the same amount of $$ I'd go with the higher power. I'm 5'10 and 225#'s

1) concept C

2) 37

3) Michigan

4) RM250 (would be a RM500 if they made a modern one)

5) Would want no less than the power of a 450 4-stroke MINIMUM for anything on-road. If I could choose 650cc I would. I consider a 6speed or more trans a HUGE bonus as well.

6) I would never consider a 4-stroke anything that was only 350cc. as I consider power to be the single most important factor in choosing a bike; braking, handling, weight, safety, and EVERYTHING else take a far-down second place in my book to overall power/acceleration/speed. I would NEVER pay the same MSRP for any bike that has a smaller engine than the next larger engined bike; less is less, period !

I could care less about the mileage my bike gets in MPG as long as it is better than my Cadillac STS or GMC Truck !

There is NO such thing as too much bike !

1. Concept B

2. 31 years old

3. Oregon

4. 2008 XR650L

5. I think the 350 would be the best of both worlds.

6. No, I would buy the 350 because I already have a 650.

1. Concept B

2. 39

3. Washingtion

4. 2000 yz426

5. I already have a 426 so something smaller would be nice for riding w/my kids but I think a 250 might be a little small for my weight.

6. Normally yes because there's more 'bang for the buck' with the 450 but in this case I'd say no.

I would take concept a

I am 17

I live in new mexico

I currently ride a 2001 wr250f

Concept a is my pick because of the factor of being easy to ride, I dont want a bike im constantly fighting trying to keep the wheel down, the motor would have to be snappy though, like piped wr snappy so it can get up and go when needed. a 350 might work, but were making an adventure into a territory we havent really tried, a 450 is out of the question, its just too much, although the wheel raising at ease power is nice, its not practical for the type of riding I do, climbing a technical hill, give it too much gas and your done. A 250cc 4stroke is adequeate for intown, and trail to trail riding, I wouldnt want to ride any dirtbike on the highway for extended periods of time.

I would take a 350 over a 450 if it were the same price, as I said, a 450 is just too much bike for what I do.

1. B

2. 35

3. British Columbia

4. Yamaha YZ250F.

5. A 350cc combines the lighter weight of a smaller bike (potentially) and the extra power that a smaller displacement doesn't have. A perfect world scenario of course.

6. I don't think price differences should be a factor in choosing displacement size, unless of course a larger one costs more to manufacturer. Displacement size should be based on rider preference, in my opinion.

1. B

2. 30

3. California

4. 2006 CR250R + others

5. Weight

6. Yes, for the same price I would get the 450

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