Metberry Gulch 4x4 Damage

Rode down Metberry Gulch yesterday, 10/27/08, and found someone had winched out two cabled posts with their concrete, then drove down the hill and into the South Platte River - running up and down the shores on both sides of the river. They had to tear up the hillside to get back out, leaving a real mess......hope someone got a plate number and turned it into the authorities.

Was down there on 10-18 and saw the posts out and someone had ridden on only the close shore. No tracks across the Platte as of then. It's to bad these people don't think laws apply to them. Predator 4X4 (and I with them)has worked very hard for years to get that trail opened back up. It will only take a few of these instances to get it closed forever. People are driving/riding around the barricades at Hackett Gulch. All this does is ensure we never get that one open again. We were at the Hackett trail head a few years ago and noticed a guy was going to go around the barricades on a quad. He actually threatened to run one of us over at a high rate of speed as he didn't even slow down as he tore thru us and around the barricades and down the closed trail......

Some people need to be castrated, shot and hung in that order..

Rant over...for now.


Wow. That is completely messed up. We were just there a few weekends ago.

I say we blame the hunters:busted:

Seriously though, if anyone saw anything, report the freakin' toolbags.

Ya, it looks like at least 2 trucks went down and came back up the river bank - really tore it up trying to get back out in the pea gravel.

I know what you mean RH about the wannabe hunters down there, lots camped right on the road, drinking beer round the fire at noon, the others were out in their trucks and kwads hunting from the roads or parked in the middle around blind corners....


I say we blame the hunters:busted:

I say blame greenaizs.

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