fly wheel weight?

Need some help here please. I ride offroad and woods on a 97 KX 500. A buddy of mine thinks I should put a fly wheel weight on it? Any opinion as to what brand, and how much of a weight do I use? He also thought I should drop my counter sprocket to 13, but after riding he said maybe not. I am running a 14 front, and a 48 rear. I'd just like to make the beast just a little more rider friendly for woods and riding. I put reeds in it a couple of weeks ago, and it just made it more of a beast. In the middle range and top end now it just about walks out from underneath me. The power this thing can generate is just unreal. Any help from anyone is greatly appreciated. Thanks

the flywheel weight will not tone it down . It will however make it less prone to stalling and it will help it hook the rear wheel up. See if Kawi offers a thicker base or head gasket. That will lower the compression and make it more manageable. I know on CR500's that using a procircuit pipe as compared to an FMF toned it down quite a bit. use the bikes torque and ride a gear higher than you normally would.

I think that a FFW may help. I found that on my 07 250 the 13oz FFW has seemed to rob power low down. It makes the power come on slower (too slow for my liking). For my liking it is not good, so far. I was, however, really happy with the power delivery and just hoping for more traction with the same power. If you feel the power comes in too fast a heavy FFW will help.

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