pitster pro or G2 moto

OK guys I need your feedback,

Am thinking of getting a pitbike,

...it seems to be between the Pitster pro X4 160 or a G2 moto r1 12" 160.

Any thoughts/preferences/feedback?

They seem pretty similar, but thenagain, I am new to this pitbike realm



I have 2 g2motos. The R4 and the new supermidsize. The R4 has been a great bike and I've ridden the new 160R1 12" - The suspension is the best I've ridden on a pitbike. It's really fast in stock form too. Look closely and you'll see the g2moto has a bunch of little extras that make it shine. they have a rear rim lock, fat bars, fender brace, better gearing, way better forks, better shock....all stuff that adds up. They are on sale now too....they went on sale a few weeks after I got mine and they refunded me the difference! How cool is that?

Plus g2 is east coast!

My buddy said one of their stock 160r1's placed 5th in the pro class at the 2up nationals....against a bunch of 12,000.00+ BBRs!...that's unheard of!

My supermidsize is basically the same as the 12" except the wheels and swingarm. It's a great bike....I swear the suspension feels like a fullsize jap mx bike. I def recommend the g2motos

Both have good reputations. It just seems Pitster has been around longer and has a stronger following. I love my Pitster, but the G2 Moto's look really sweet also.

from the seat to the pegs, it looks like the G2 is smaller or closer? anyone got measurements? It looks like the engine- tank space is also closer?

I'll measure when I get home. The g2moto 160 R1s are pretty big bikes. The picture on their site don't do them justice. they are sweet in person!

Is there a straight side profile picture anywhere of the G2? all I can find are rear angle shots.

im not going to comment here since we sell both brands other than to say there both top of the line pitbikes

and just so everyone knows it not a copy of any other china pitbike

the frame is different ,unique as is the swingarm , forks and rear shock

heres a few pictures of the G2 since NCC asked




We have a new 14x17 coming in Dec!! Stay tuned and check the web site fro more info. Dealers will have pricing sent to them on Monday.

Gary, is it gonna be based off the X4 or the new bike? Or maybe you have plans for a 17/14 option on both!

Gary, is it gonna be based off the X4 or the new bike? Or maybe you have plans for a 17/14 option on both!

it will be based off our new lxr, but the larger frame and swingarm version to accommodate the 14x17 wheels.

Sounds sweet!

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